take 2.


mutteringretreats.wordpress.com is no longer.  this is my suspiciously similar, identically titled blog, freed from the burden and pretentiousness of having words pulled from t.s. eliot in the url.  yes, that’s the only reason for creating an entirely new blog instead of giving the previous incarnation a tweak and posting yet another promissory note that i won’t make good on.

heaves a heavy sigh.

the only claim i’ll make is that this time, “mm.” will get regular updates, the nature and quality of which i cannot speak for.


now, usually, I don’t do this but uh
go ‘head on and break ’em off wit a lil previews of the remix

intended topics include:

– my new york vacation
– an annotated list of some sort summating the last decade in movies
– the potentially soul-reviving concert i missed on account of a friend’s birthday
– a plea for an intervention regarding my addiction to buying criterion collection dvds
– pictures and videos that will amuse and/or enlighten
– the emotional tumult of the post-thanksgiving family poker game (provided it takes place)

et cetera.

subjects such as unemployment and what it’s like being a college graduate living at home will be avoided at all costs.


One Response to “take 2.”

  1. carol Says:

    Spam, i enjoyed reading most of your blog.

    I agree with you on Tarantino, because he sucks. I thought Diane Kruger did her job well.

    You forgot Zombieland. It was one of my favorites last year.


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